“Instead of allowing ourselves a creative journey, we focus on the length of the trip. “it’s such a long way,” we tell ourselves. It may be, but each day is just one more day with some motion in it, and that motion toward a goal is very enjoyable.”
The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron

Hi! I'm María Salas, and I'm here giving some motion to my days, one day at a time!, Chapulines Collection is my illustration project, that includes, so far: Clipart, Digital Papers and Printables, that I sell on my Etsy Shop. 

And this Blog is an extension of my shop, I will be posting here sketches, freebies, online events, tutorials, discounts, ideas, stuff that I like to find on the web!.

A little background

Drawing has always been present in my life in one way or another, in both, my professional and personal life, I even met my boyfriend because of a drawing! and we've been together since then, for more than 10 years.

And now, drawing is still present in my life, more than ever, with this illustration project! I'm so happy!! I always wanted to have an illustration project, and I finally allowed myself to start this amazing journey.

I chose a children's illustration project, because even though I love all kind of illustrations, sweet children's illustrations are my favorites! I can't resist them!!


My illustrations are inspired by love, joy, and sweetness from everywhere, from my childhood, my family and friends, from children all over the world, their parents and teachers, and even children from the future!: new nieces and nephews, and my own kids :D

And of course, my inspiration also comes from artists I admire and their art work, I admire so many artists! I will be posting about them too!.


I thank God, my angels, my parents, my boyfriend, family and friends, and everyone who has helped me to make my shop and this blog possible ♥

And thanks to you too, for stopping by my page, I hope you enjoy it!

María Salas