Friday, June 24, 2016

Dinosaur Ballerina illustrations

Hi!! I want to show you a little part of the creative process of my new dinosaur ballerina illustrations.
Dinosaur ballerina illustration, sketch and digital drawing
As you can see, I made many adjustments to the first digital drawing. Initially I did a more "anatomically correct" dinosaur, haha!!, I usually start this way when I do children's illustrations, first I do a drawing based on references, but then I reach a point where I need to forget references and reality, and focus on cuteness!

I enjoyed doing these illustrations so much, it was fun!! I did them specially for a very dear customer and friend, and now you can use them too on your projects!, you can find the complete clipart set on my shop:

This is the complete set:
Dinosaur ballerina clipart set

Dinosaur ballerina illustration

Have a wonderful day!

Maria Salas ♥

Monday, June 13, 2016

Michael Jackson Fan Art

*These illustrations aren't for sale in my shop (because of copyrights), they're only fan art :)

Thank you for stopping by, have a nice day!! ♥

Maria Salas